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Every Cake has a story to tell.

Let us tell yours.

Since 2010, the goal of The Cake Courtesan (pronounced court-tee-sun) has been to design cakes that celebrate life's most momentous occasions and tell a story.  Your story.  We strive to bring a unique perspective to the art of luxury cake design by using the latest trends and techniques to ensure that our designs are current and relevant. Our passion for excellence is what differentiates us in a highly competitive area.  Our repeat customers know that delivering the best is part of who we are.  We start with our moist made from scratch cakes that are made with the freshest quality ingredients, We build on that with fresh fruit fillings and European butter icings and combine them to develop gourmet flavor profiles that will please almost any palate.  we put that under a canvas that represents the best of you – be it fun, floral, flirty, elegant or opulent.  This approach resulted in the work of The Cake Courtesan being published in national and international magazines, blogs and other publications;multiple TV appearances including a contestant WEDDING CAKE CHAMPIONSHIP, CAKE WARS, & Holiday Wars on Food Network, and CAKE HUNTERS on the Cooking Channel, We are also locally recognized as one of the top wedding cake designers in Washington, DC.

Your special celebration deserves the absolute best.  With personal attention to even the smallest detail, and a one of a kind dedication to ensuring we exceed your sweet needs, we guarantee that you are provided with desserts that are so delicious, and so personal, that they will be something you will always remember, for your special day you will never forget. 

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