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Your opinion does matter

In the past, word of mouth and a yellow pages print ad was enough.  Today, almost everyone looks to the internet to peruse online reviews before making important buying decisions or to determine if the business is worth a site visit.  Hence, it becomes extremely important for any business to hear how they are viewed by their clients, and to let others know about your experiences in doing business with them.  Just as you look to the internet for information, your leaving your opinion matters equally as much. 


Help our business succeed

We hope that after your experience with us, you take a few minutes of your time to let others know about it. We only ask that you leave an honest, unbiased review.  For your convenience, we have listed some places that The Cake Courtesan is listed on the internet.  You may leave your comments at any one of those places, but we specifically ask brides/groom's to use WeddingWire.  I cannot stress enough just how important your review of my business is to our growth and success.  It tells me how we are doing, where I need to focus on improving, and helps to acquire and maintain a consistent client base. 


If you were unsatisfied with any aspect of your transaction, please take a moment to send me a note so that I may try to resolve it first.  Use the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

If you find that you were unsatisfied with any aspect of your order with The Cake Courtesan, have a complaint or any other concern, please tell us about it and allow us the opportunity to address it directly with you.  You may also choose to leave your comment without your name or email, if you so desire.


Thank you for your comment. I will review it carefully and if able, respond to you in person with 72 hours.

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